* IFTTT と Microsoft Flow と Zapier の対応サービス一覧 [#ebc46599]
&tag(IFTTT,Microsoft Flow,Zapier,Integromat,比較,comparison);

** 比較するサービス [#c737d51e]
|IFTTT|https://ifttt.com/|最も有名、無料、IoT 系に強い|
|Microsoft Flow|https://flow.microsoft.com/ja-jp/|日本語対応、Microsoft 製品に強い|

** 連携対応サービス数 (2017/08/01 時点) [#dbb1c146]
|Microsoft Flow|''148''|

** 連携対応サービス一覧 (2017/08/01 時点) [#h4368df4]
|IFTTT|Microsoft Flow|Zapier|h
||10to8 Appointment Scheduling|10to8 Online Booking|
|||Accredible Certificates|
|Acer Air Monitor|||
||Act!|Act! Essentials|
|||Act! Premium|
|||Action Network|
|||Active Collab|
|||Acuity Scheduling|
|||AddressFinder Australia|
||Adobe Creative Cloud||
|Aeon Matrix|||
|||Agent Legend|
|||Agile CRM|
|AirPatrol WiFi|||
|||Aiva Labs|
|Amazon Alexa|||
|Amazon Cloud Drive|||
|||Amazon CloudFront|
|||Amazon CloudWatch|
|||Amazon DynamoDB|
|||Amazon EC2|
|||Amazon S3|
|||Amazon Seller Central|
|||Amazon SES|
|||Amazon SNS|
|||Amazon SQS|
|Ambi Climate|||
|Ambient Weather|||
|Amdocs Connected Home|||
|American Psychological Association|||
|||Analytic Call Tracking|
|Android Battery|||
|Android Device|||
|Android Phone Call|||
|Android Photos|||
|Android SMS|||
|Android Wear|||
|AnyMote Smart Remote|||
|Apple App Store|||
|||ArcGIS Online|
|Arrayent DevKit|||
|ARTIK Cloud|||
|||Assessment Generator|
|ASUS Router|||
|AT&T M2X|||
|Automatic Classic|||
|Automatic Pro|||
|AXA Home||AWS Lambda|
||Azure AD||
||Azure Application Insights||
||Azure Automation||
||Azure Blob Storage||
||Azure Data Lake||
||Azure DocumentDB||
||Azure File Storage||
||Azure Queue||
||Azure Resource Manager||
|||Azure Web Apps|
|Bang & Olufsen's BeoLink Gateway|||
||Basecamp 2|Basecamp 2|
||Basecamp 3|Basecamp 3|
|||Basecamp Classic|
|Bbox Miami|||
||Benchmark Email|Beepsend SMS|
|||Benchmark Email|
|Best Buy|||
|||Better Voice|
|||Big Cartel|
||Bing Maps||
||Bing Search||
|Blink (Europe)|||
|BloomSky Weather|||
|Blueair Aware|||
|Blueair Classic 05|||
|Blueair Classic i|||
|Blueair Sense+|||
|BMW Labs|||
|||Boleto Simples|
|Boxcar 2|||
|Boxoh Package Tracking|||
|||Brand Gaming|
|||Breezy HR|
|||Brick FTP|
|||Bullhorn CRM|
|Bureau of Economic Analysis|||
|||Burst SMS|
|Button widget|||
|||Call Loop|
|||Callexa Feedback|
|Camera widget|||
|||Campaign Monitor|
||Capsule CRM|Capsule CRM|
|||Carma Marketing Hub|
|||Cascade Strategy|
|||Caspio Cloud Database|
|Centers for Disease Control and Prevention|||
|||Chatfuel for Facebook|
|||Chatfuel for Telegram|
|Chicago Transit Authority|||
|Chiekoo Bell|||
|Cisco Spark||Cisco Spark|
|||Citrix ShareFile|
|"City of Tampa Florida"|||
|||Clevertim CRM|
|ClickSend SMS||ClickSend SMS|
|||Cloud Attract|
|||Code by Zapier|
|Code School|||
|Cogitai Continua|||
||Cognito Forms|Cognito Forms|
|Comcast Labs|||
|ComEd Hourly Pricing|||
|ComEd Peak Time Savings|||
||Common Data Service||
||Computer Vision API||
|Concur Labs|||
|||ConnectWise Manage|
|||Constant Contact|
||Content Conversion||
|||Credit Repair Cloud|
|||CRM Connector|
|||Cronofy Calendar Connector|
|||Custom Gateway OMS|
|Daikin Online Controller|||
|Das Keyboard Q||Das Keyboard 5Q|
|Date & Time|||
|Day One|||
|||Deadline Funnel|
|||Delay by Zapier|
|Department of Agriculture|||
|Department of Defense|||
|Department of Labor|||
|Department of State|||
|||Device Magic|
|||Digest by Zapier|
|||Digital Ocean|
|||Direct Mail|
|D-Link Connected Home Camera|||
|D-Link Motion Sensor|||
|D-Link Siren|||
|D-Link Smart Plug|||
|D-Link Water Sensor|||
|Donation Manager RedCloud?||Donation Manager RedCloud|
|dondeEsta Family|||
|||Dotcom Monitor|
||Dynamics 365||
||Dynamics 365 for Financials||
||Dynamics 365 for Operations||
||Dynamics NAV||
|Eagle Eye NuboCam|||
|||Easy Projects|
||Easy Redmine||
|||eFront Pro|
||Elastic Forms||
|Electronic Frontier Foundation|||
|Email|Mail|Email by Zapier|
|Email Digest|||
|||Email Parser by Zapier|
|Energenie Mi|Home|||
|Energy Information Administration|||
|||Engage Talent|
|Environmental Protection Agency|||
|||Epos Now|
|Equal Rights Advocates|||
|EVE For Tesla|||
|||Eve Online|
|||Everbridge Suite|
|||Evernote Business|
||Face API||
|||Facebook Groups|
|||Facebook Lead Ads|
|||Facebook Offline Conversions|
|Facebook Pages||Facebook Pages|
|Federal Communications Commission|||
||File System||
|||Filter by Zapier|
|Flux Smart Light|||
|||Follow Up Boss|
|||Formatter by Zapier|
|||Formidable Forms|
|||Forms On Fire|
|Fox News|||
||FreshBooks|FreshBooks Classic|
|||FreshBooks New|
|GE Appliances Cooking|||
|GE Appliances Dishwasher|||
|GE Appliances Dryer|||
|GE Appliances GeoSpring?|||
|GE Appliances Refrigerator|||
|GE Appliances Washer|||
|GE Appliances Window AC|||
|Genius Hub|||
|Gideon Smart Home|||
|Glance Clock|||
|||Glue Excel|
|||Google Analytics|
|Google Assistant|||
|Google Calendar|Google Calendar|Google Calendar|
|||Google Cloud Print|
|Google Contacts|Google Contacts|Google Contacts|
|||Google Docs|
|Google Drive|Google Drive|Google Drive|
|||Google Forms|
|Google Glass||Google Glass|
|Google Photos|||
||Google Sheets|Google Sheets|
|||Google Slides|
||Google Tasks|Google Tasks|
|Google Wifi|||
|||Gravity Forms|
|Greenwave Systems|||
|||GrowthHackers Projects|
|Hacker News|||
|Hager IoT|||
|Halo Smart Labs|||
|||Happy Grasshopper|
|||HappyFox Chat|
|||Help Scout|
|Hive Active Heating?|||
|Hive Active Light?|||
|Home Connect Coffee Machine|||
|Home Connect Dishwasher|||
|Home Connect Dryer|||
|Home Connect Fridge|||
|Home Connect Oven|||
|Home Connect Washer|||
|HomeControl Flex|||
|Honeywell evohome|||
|Honeywell Lyric|||
|Honeywell Single-zone Thermostat|||
|Honeywell Total Connect Comfort|||
|HP Print|||
||HTTP with Azure AD||
|||Hub Planner|
|||HubSpot CRM|
|Hunter Douglas PowerView|||
|||iAuditor by SafetyCulture|
|IBM Watson Workspace|||
|||iContact Pro|
|||I Done This|
|||IDX Leads|
|||Image Relay|
|||IMAP by Zapier|
|||Inbound Now|
|||Inside Sales Box|
|||Instant Contact|
|intelligent HOME|||
|International Monetary Fund|||
|||Invoice Ninja|
|iOS Calendar|||
|iOS Contacts|||
|iOS Health|||
|iOS Photos|||
|iOS Reading List|||
|iOS Reminders|||
|IoT Podcast|||
|iota labs|||
|Is It Christmas?|||
|iSpy Agent|||
|||ITM Platform|
|Jibo Beta|||
|||Jitbit Helpdesk|
|JotForm (Old)|||
|||Kanban Tool|
|||Keep In Touch|
|King County Metro|||
|"Kyber calendars todos & reminders"|||
|LaMetric Time|||
|||Lead Score by Zapier|
|||Learner Community|
|LG Dryer|||
|LG Smartphone|||
|LG Washer|||
|Library of Congress|||
|LightwaveRF Events|||
|LightwaveRF Heating|||
|LightwaveRF Lighting|||
|LightwaveRF Power|||
|||LIME Go|
|||Limo Anywhere|
|Linear PRO Access|||
|Link Shades|||
|||LinkedIn Lead Gen Forms|
|Logitech POP|||
|||Lucid Meetings|
|Lutron Cas?ta Wireless|||
|Lynx Technology|||
|||Mad Mimi|
|MagicLight WiFi||Magento 2.X|
|Maryland State Highway Administration|||
|MicroBot Push for Prota|||
|||Microsoft Dynamics CRM|
||Microsoft Forms||
||Microsoft Teams||
||Microsoft Translator||
|||Mobyt SMS|
|||Mojo Helpdesk|
||MSN Weather||
||Muhimbi PDF||
|Myfox HomeControl|||
|||My Print Cloud|
|||MyWiFi Networks|
|Nanoleaf Smarter Series|||
|National Science Foundation|||
|National Vulnerability Database|||
|||Nearby Now|
|Nefit Easy|||
|Nest Cam|||
|Nest Protect|||
|Nest Thermostat|||
|Netatmo Security|||
|Netatmo Thermostat|||
|Netatmo Weather Station|||
|||New Relic|
|||New Relic Insights|
|||New York Times|
|NIBE Uplink|||
|Nimbus Note|||
|||Ninja Forms|
|NJ Transit|||
|Note widget|||
|Notifications|Notifications|Push by Zapier|
|||Notify My Android|
|||Nutshell CRM|
|Oco Camera|||
|||Octopush SMS|
|||Office 365|
|Office 365 Calendar|||
|Office 365 Contacts|||
|Office 365 Mail|||
||Office 365 Outlook||
||Office 365 Users||
||Office 365 Video||
|||OMG Sales Assessments|
|OneDrive for Business|OneDrive for Business||
|OneNote|OneNote (Business)|OneNote|
|||OnMesure CMApp|
||Oracle Database||
||Outlook Customer Manager||
||Outlook Tasks||
|||People HR|
|Pew Research Center|||
|Philips Hue|||
|Phone Call (US only)|||
||Pivotal Tracker|Pivotal Tracker|
|||Planbox Work|
|||PlanSo Forms for WordPress|
|||Planyo Online Booking|
||Power BI||
||PowerApps Notification||
|||Process Street|
|Product Hunt|||
|||Product Hunt|
|||Project Bubble|
|||Project Manager|
||Project Online||
|||Pure Chat|
|Qblinks Qmote||Qblinks Qmote|
|||Quick Base|
|||QuickBooks Online|
|||Quiz Maker|
|||Quote Roller|
|||Raven Tools|
|||RD Station|
|||Real Geeks|
|||Real Magnet|
|||Reckon One|
|||Redtail CRM|
|||Remember The Milk|
|||Resource Guru|
|||Responder (?? ???)|
|||Reward Sciences|
|Roost Smart Battery|||
|RSS Feed|RSS|RSS by Zapier|
|||Ruler Analytics|
|||Run my Accounts|
|||Salpo CRM|
|Samsung Air Purifier|||
|Samsung Floor Air Conditioner|||
|Samsung Refrigerator|||
|Samsung Robot Vacuum|||
|Samsung Room Air Conditioner|||
|Samsung Washer|||
|||SAP Jam Collaboration|
|Sateraito Office|||
|||Schedule by Zapier|
|Scout Alarm|||
|||Scout Monitoring|
|Seagate Personal Cloud|||
|Securities and Exchange Commission|||
|Seeed Wio|||
|Sen.se Mother|||
|Sense Energy Monitor|||
||Service Bus||
|Sesame by CANDY HOUSE|||
|||SetMore Appointments|
|Sighthound Video|||
|SIGNUL Beacon|||
|Sina Weibo|||
|SkyBell HD|||
|Smart Life|||
|Smart Louisville|||
|||SMS Alert|
|SMS||SMS by Zapier|
|||SMS Factor|
|||SMS Partner|
||SMTP|SMTP by Zapier|
|||Solve CRM|
|Somfy Protect|||
|Sports Illustrated|||
|SpotCam HD|||
|SpotCam Sense|||
||SQL Server|SQL Server|
|Stack Lighting|||
|Star Wars Force Band by Sphero|||
|||Storage by Zapier|
|||Surefire CRM|
|||Survey Anyplace|
|||Survey Funnel|
|||Swisscom iO|
|tado° Hot Water|||
|tado? Air Conditioning|||
|tado? Heating|||
||Teamwork Projects|Teamwork|
|||Teamwork Desk|
|Telia Zone|||
|Telldus Live!|||
|||Tender Support|
|Texas Legislature|||
||Text Analytics||
|||The 90 Day Year|
|The New York Times|||
|||Ticket Tailor|
|Time Tracker|||
|Toronto Transit Commission|||
|TP-Link Router|||
|||TPNI Engage|
|||Translate by Zapier|
|Unforgettable Me|||
|United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime|||
|UP by Jawbone|||
|U.S. Independence Day|||
|Verizon Cloud|||
||Video Indexer||
|||ViewPoint VISUM|
|||Visual Lease|
||Visual Studio Team Services|Visual Studio Team Services|
|||Visual Visitor|
|VoIP Calls|||
|||Voodoo SMS|
|||Vtiger CRM|
|Warmup Smart Thermostat|||
|||Watershed LRS|
|Wattio GATE|||
|Wattio POD|||
|Wattio THERMIC|||
|||Wealthbox CRM|
|||Weather by Zapier|
|Weather Underground|||
|Webhooks||Webhooks by Zapier|
|||Week Plan|
|WeMo Air Purifier|||
|WeMo Coffeemaker|||
|WeMo Dimmer|||
|WeMo Humidifier|||
|WeMo Insight Switch|||
|WeMo Light Switch|||
|WeMo Lighting|||
|WeMo Maker|||
|WeMo Motion|||
|WeMo Slow Cooker|||
|WeMo Smart Plug|||
|Whirlpool Dryer|||
|Whirlpool Refrigerator|||
|Whirlpool Washer|||
|||Widen Collective|
|Wink Relay|||
|Wink: Aros|||
|Wink: Egg Minder|||
|Wink: Nimbus|||
|Wink: Pivot Power Genius|||
|Wink: Porkfolio|||
|Wink: Shortcuts|||
|Wink: Spotter|||
|Wireless Tag|||
|||Wise Agent CRM|
|Wiser Air|||
|Withings Home|||
|Wolfram Data Drop|||
|||Workbooks CRM|
|World Health Organization|||
|World Wildlife Fund|||
|||WP All Export Pro|
|||WP Remote|
|XY Findables|||
|||XY Find It|
|||YoCo Board|
|ZEEQ by REM-Fit|||
|||Zillow Tech Connect|
|||zipForm Plus|
|||Zoho Books|
|||Zoho Connect|
|||Zoho Creator|
|||Zoho CRM|
|||Zoho Forms|
|||Zoho Invoice|
|||Zoho Mail|
|||Zoho People|
|||Zoho Projects|
|||Zoho Recruit|
|||Zoho Reports|
|||Zoho Subscriptions|

** 3 サービスすべてで連携対応なサービス一覧 (34 個) [#z29137fd]
** 3 サービスすべてで連携に対応しているサービス一覧 (34 個) [#z29137fd]
|IFTTT|Microsoft Flow|Zapier|h
|Email|Mail|Email by Zapier|
|Google Calendar|Google Calendar|Google Calendar|
|Google Contacts|Google Contacts|Google Contacts|
|Google Drive|Google Drive|Google Drive|
|Notifications|Notifications|Push by Zapier|
|OneNote|OneNote (Business)|OneNote|
|RSS Feed|RSS|RSS by Zapier|

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